I create something lasting from real situations that helps people keep their memories alive. I lost my father quite young and that taught me to appreciate the simple things in life and to realize how incredibly important pictures are to remember great moments. That is my drive and goal in photography.

I want to show with my pictures who you really are - unstaged and uncensored - to create unique memories. I like it when couples follow their hearts and plan in a completely individual and relaxed way. It's the best day of your life! That's when I'd like to be there with my camera. Do you feel like it? Then just write to me! I would be very happy to accompany you on your big day."

I am a father, husband, and wedding photographer in Mainz. I see myself as an alternative in today's wedding photography with the goal of providing my couples with a young, creative, and completely kitsch- and cliche-free wedding memory. I live near Mainz, a little more rural, in the small town of Nieder-Hilbersheim. I love to laugh and don't take myself too seriously. I don't like show-offs and love good food. Addicted to cookbooks and love to cook mega. Just love spending time with friends and family. I am happily married to my wonderful wife Susanne. Together we have two wonderful children.

about you

If you are looking for a photographer who just captures things to check them off a list, or if you are looking for the cheapest offer or do not appreciate the craftsmanship of a good wedding reportage, then we probably do not really fit together... and that's totally okay!

I love to capture the atmosphere, mood and emotions of your moments through artistic crops, moving images and creative compositions. Whatever is appropriate to tell your moment authentically, I will do.

You are relaxed and enjoy life. You don't take yourselves too seriously and authenticity is important to you. You're ready to party and want to remember this time later on.

Photos of your day are important to you and you're willing to invest in them because you know they'll preserve all the moments of this day.

As a couple, you see and handle things differently. You really want a real reportage of your wedding with beautiful emotional and creative pictures that will take you back to your day and not spend hours taking unnatural poses.

You want a wedding photographer who can tell your story, not just yours but also the connection to your loved ones who surround and celebrate with you on your wedding day.




create a comfortable atmosphere for you, where you can feel at ease and relaxed, allowing you to open up completely and be at peace. I firmly believe that the most beautiful pictures are captured naturally when everyone feels relaxed and loses track of time.

You will NOT spend the day standing around awkwardly, being photographed, and missing everything that's happening. It's your day, and I want you to experience it while I capture the small moments for you.

You will NOT spend your day awkwardly standing around, being made to pose for photos and missing all that's happening around you. It's your day, and I want you to live it, while I capture those fleeting moments for you.

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